Expert tutoring that works for learners

We cover all subjects, Gr 4-12, with demonstrated high impact especially in Math & Sciences. We create a safe and caring environment where learning is enjoyable and effective, with 24/7 homework support. High school learners have the choice of working either online or in-person, while primary school learners work in-person at our Tutor Centre at 88 Camp Ground Road.

Learn without stress
Catch-up on problem areas
Understand and practice new work
Prepare for tests and exams
Develop healthy study habits



Tutoring that makes life easier for parents

We understand parents’ concerns with their children’s’ progress and ensure that you do not face this battle alone. Choose between our online tutoring that saves you driving; or let your child attend our centrally located Tutor Centre in Rondebosch that is open 6 days a week till early evenings for classes after sport.

24/7 Homework support
Early test preparation
Study skills & time management training
Affordable rates
No cancellation penalties

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Tutoring that delivers spectacular results

Our learners’ results speak for themselves, with regular reports of grades improving by 10% to 40%. Tutors are carefully selected, trained and supported by an experienced management team.

Excellent summaries and class notes
Access to tutors at critical moments
Close alignment with syllabus
Weekly sessions build consistency
Intensive test & exam prep sessions

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R220/hour for small group sessions
R330/hour for private tutoring sessions

Essential Facts

What we offer


We specialise in the critical years from Grades 4-12 where improved results can make the difference of being accepted into a high school or university programme of choice.


We cover all subjects. With subjects that draw on prior years’ learning, such as Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, Economics and Accounting, we actively address gaps in each child’s building blocks while staying on top of new work.


Where subjects cover large quantities of information, we teach our learners how study: to organise their work, identify key aspects, develop summaries and notes, and prepare for tests and exams.


We track upcoming test and exam dates and guide our learners through early review and the practise of old papers.


Our tried and tested small group methodology, as featured in Parent24 , consistently delivers excellent results with Math and Sciences. The best strategy is to start your child off with private tutoring, either online or in-person to close gaps and then to help them stay on top of new work by joining to a small group.

How we work


During lockdown, our team of carefully selected and highly trained tutors tapped into the best available education technology (edutech) to develop a premium, online tutoring service. While the popularity of this convenient service keeps growing, we now also offer in person tutoring at the FASTCLASS Tutor Centre at 88 Campground Rd (above Michaels) in Rondebosch.


Upon sign-up for either online or in-person tutoring, your child will be welcomed to a specific WhatsApp group for each class and receive instructions on how to be prepared for each session.


On the day of class, our tutors send an early reminder, including an invitation to share questions on specific problem areas that need attention. For online sessions, your child will receive a Zoom invitation to join the live, online class later that day.


Tutoring sessions last 45-60 minutes. We encourage online learners to work video-enabled to create the same kind of social cohesion as is experienced in our in person sessions.


For the remainder of the week, learners may WhatsApp their tutors 24/7 with any questions.

Why it Works


By the time your child needs tutoring, that particular subject may present a huge mental block. The lack of confidence in one subject may affect your child’s performance across all subjects.


We rebuild their confidence by creating a constructive, friendly and focused space where your child can catch up and develop consistent, good study habits.


Our tutors encourage questions as well as mutual respect among learners. Often, the questions asked by other learners introduce aspects your child may not yet have considered.


Our tutors are appointed as much for their subject knowledge or teaching experience as for their compassion and commitment to each learner’s progress.


Learning is consolidated when your child sits at home later that week, grappling with homework. Because our tutors remain accessible to all our learners between sessions, they are there to support and enable the important “a-ha” moments that result in those lightbulb flashes of true learning.


Early exam preparation ensure that your child is ready and confident when it is time to walk into their exam.

Highly recommended by caring parents

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